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My first Blog post!

I'll be posting updates whenever a new article is out, or if we have made a breakthrough in our projects!

Having a high battery efficiency is always a good thing isn't it?

The plot above is taken from a recently published article in the Journal of Energy Storage (Yang et al., Vol 39, 102567, 2021) that I was part of. It shows an interesting case for a Renewable Energy (in this case PV and Wind) system with battery storage where we are forecasting the energy that can be generated using a number of different methods. Somewhat counter-intuitively, we see we require a greater energy capacity as the battery round trip efficiency (i.e. charging and discharging efficiencies) increases. How can this be?

Essentially this comes about because we are wanting to store as much generated energy as we can, but if our battery is very efficient it will fill up quite readily. So, if we want to keep all that green energy we are generating we will need to make our battery capacity bigger. This becomes particularly relevant if we are underestimating the energy available in our forecasting (if we consistently under or over estimate we call this the bias). It is the interaction between our forecasting bias and the round trip efficiency that see this come about.

If you want to know more check it out in the Journal of Energy Storage

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