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A Bit About Me, Stephen Bremner

My research is focused on semiconductors with energy applications in mind. From molecular beam epitaxy of III-V compound based nanostructures, integration of III-V compounds with silicon, through to improving conventional solar cell designs. The use of weather forecasting and machine learning in the design and operation of hybrid renewable energy systems is a growing interest as well.

You can find out all about it on SPBremnerResearch

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High Efficiency Solar Cells

Mainly focused on III-V on silicon tandems, but generally interested in approaches to achieve high efficiency. In particular the integration of silicon solar cells with III-V fabrication can be challenging!

1992 - 1995

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics

Novel Solar Cells

By exploring fundamental limits to efficiency and experimental approaches I am interested in new ways to improve efficiency by harnessing energy flows in all of its forms.

Climate and Weather Impacts on Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation

Using meteorological models to predict renewable energy resources combined with machine learning to design and operate large scale RE generators. Also using climate models to study impacts of climate change on PV performance in the future.

1997 - 2002

University of New South Wales

PhD in Electrical Engineering

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